Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.


This is my first post.  Although a sizable part of my life, this blog is not about infertility.  I posted the details of our journey on a separate page because I know that whenever I go to a new blog related in any way to infertility, I want to know all the details.  This blog is more about what God’s doing in my life and the lives around me.  Of course this will include how He’s leading me through infertility as well.  I hope to use this site primarily to encourage myself and others to delight in the Lord.

FET #1 just failed last week, so that’s obviously on my mind.  The big questions now are whether to try again and when.  We have 7 frozen embryos left, although a couple are pretty low grade.  We are committed to using them all, but I may need a little break.  I want to get my body in line again.  I have been medicating myself for over a year now.  I’m committed to exercising and eating better.  I started a two week Advaclear detox yesterday.  I’ve done one before, and it feels so good.  I may try running.  This is not becuase I think I can behave my way out of IF.  God knows I’ve tried that before.  I just need to be healthier.  I need to get in shape and be stronger.  I am praying for motivation.  This is not a willpower issue.  The Spirit’s moving me on this one.


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