Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

What are you working for?

I’ve been frustrated lately about all the effort, planning, time, energy and money we’ve dumped into infertility treatments with no success.  This has felt like such a waste of resources.  This morning, the Spirit showed me something different.  I was listening to a sermon about how we glorify God in all the things we do in our daily life.  It was revealed to me that when it comes to the things we do, it’s not about  the actual work we do, but for whom we do the work.  A light came on in my head.  Of course!  The point of doing infertility treatments is not about getting pregnant.  We do infertility treatment because it’s God’s will for us, and he wants us to glorify him in our work.  It feels wasted on us only because we are looking for the wrong outcome.  The only outcome that matters is that God is glorified. 

As we consider what to do next, it’s clear that we must ask God where he wants us – where he will be most glorified.  And even if the answer is the least likely way we will end up with a child, that’s ok, because that’s not what matters.


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