Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

Merry Christmas!

Taking a ten minute break from the grind. Although this should be an easy week since everyone’s still on vacation, I still need to bill 8.2 hours every day in order to make my minimum. Nevertheless, my brain needs a breather.

Christmas came and went. It was about how we expected – not fabulous, not terrible. The Lord did amazing work in our family, and we had some great conversations, so for that, I am thankful. However, as of today, I am contemplating swearing off holidays forever – one thing Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to have right. When I asked DH what he wanted for Christmas last week, he said "the 27th." So, we made it.

I have many blog posts running through my head today, but they all require deep thought, of which I am not capable today.

We had a fabulous day yesterday at home filled with sleeping in, movies, organizing the closet and three delicious meals (pancakes for breakfast, BALTs – bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato – for lunch, roast chicken, brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes for dinner). It was a much needed day of rest.

The children were sorely missed this weekend. They came up often in conversation, and we received some nice gifts for them. It was hard to celebrate knowing that they are in an orphanage across the world. Hoping for an update in the new year…


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