Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

Glimpses of Grace

Yesterday did not start off well. I woke up panicking about work, and that quickly turned into broken-heartedness about the kids. The lack of information and progress paralyzes me at times. It comes out of nowhere like a punch to the gut. Yesterday was one of those days. On our dog walk, we wrestled with God – begging him show us that he’s working and hasn’t forgotten about us.

During the afternoon, we got a pleasant email – new pictures! It’s not quite what we wanted, but it was something. It makes such a difference to see another picture of them, growing, changing – reminding us that they really are out there and that the waiting is much more painful for them. Carolyn looks skinny so I hope they are feeding her well. She may just be at that age where kids are skinny. She’s as adorable-looking as ever with her little off balance stance and smirk. She’s always wearing a dress. I wonder if it’s because she likes dresses or maybe because all the girls wear dresses? Freddy is ridiculously cute with his little chub cheeks. He’s got a little smirk on his face this time too and is starting to look like a little man. (Hopefully we will meet him before he actually IS a man…)

I don’t think that our desperate prayers necessarily changed the course of events. I can’t even begin to know how God works, but I do know that the photos are from him. A small glimpse of his grace. A reminder that he is here and is fighting this battle on our behalf.


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