Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

Happy New Year!

It’s officially 2012, and I am ready. The word that God placed on my heart this morning was "change." I am SO ready for change, Lord! I am excited about change in every facet of life, but most importantly, I am praying for spiritual change. I want God to change my understanding of him. We made progress in 2011, but I am ready for radical change in 2012.

The holidays are finally over. Yesterday I took down all the Christmas decorations (the exterior lights are still up because I always lose that battle with my husband…). The holidays were very lonely for me this year. More than any other, I really felt like two people were missing. Family and friends talked about the kids a lot, and they were always on our minds. It just never felt right to really celebrate.

I’m ecstatic that we are onto a new year – closer than ever to the homecoming (and The Great Homecoming). What does this year have in store? I can’t tell you. There’s basically nothing on my calendar after February because through most of 2011 we thought for sure that the kids would be here by then!


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