Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

Mutiny – Week 1

We completed Week 1 of the Mutiny on Sunday. Our foods are: chick peas, chicken, kale, sweet potatoes, brown rice, apples and
wheat/white flour (to make bread). We are also allowed to use salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon and yeast. Water and apple juice for beverages. We are also allowing anything pre-made that basically only uses those ingredients, i.e. apple juice is ok.

The first day was definitely the hardest, but it was also hard throughout. The first day was particularly heard because I didn’t eat enough, so I was basically hungry all day. Not a good way to start. Right from the get go, my addiction and obsession with food was revealed. I’ve had so many opportunities this week to call on God, and I don’t think I normally would have. DH asked me the other day if I’ve been praying more, and the answer was a definite YES. He agreed. Even on Saturday night, I sat and prayed for 30 minutes. To you prayer warriors, that doesn’t sound like much, but for me, that was a huge step.

I am praying that God will use this time to create a real desire in my heart to know him more and to seek Jesus. It’s definitely happening. I don’t think I missed a day this week of reading my Bible. I am also praying for repentance – that’s coming like a waterfall. It’s becoming very clear how little I rely on Jesus and how small the portion of my life I give him. It’s exciting to think where these insights can go.

My food snobbery is definitely going away. I ate lukewarm soup on Sunday, and I just ate some microwaved chick peas for a snack. Not particularly appetizing, but hunger wins, and the choices are slim. We were SO excited to find sweet potato chips and rice cakes at the grocery store this weekend. How we have missed snack food! I still feel weird eating an appetizer of sweet potatoes and chicken before eating a dinner of more sweet potatoes and chicken.

The other unexpected issue is how much time/energy it’s taking. I feel like I am cooking non-stop. There’s not a lot of instant food in this diet. Plus, we basically can’t eat out (a plain, dry chicken sandwich at a restaurant is about as delicious as you can imagine). We are constantly making bread, rice, applesauce, hummus and roasting veggies. I thought this was supposed to make life easier! There definitely are fewer decisions to be made, though. Our family joke is “what do you want to eat for dinner?”

There are four other couples joining us, beginning today. I am praying their first day isn’t as rough as mine was!


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