Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

The Mutiny – Month 2

We are halfway through our second month of the fast. This month, we are limiting our wardrobe. Jen Hatmaker did 7 items (excluding undergarments), but no offense, she works at home and doesn’t wear a suit every day. Thus, 7 items was not going to work for me. I chose ten outfits/items:

1. black suit w/ shirt and belt + work shoes
2. Blue suit w/ shirt
3. sweater
4. jeans
5. yoga pants
6. running outfit + shoes
7. coat
8. slippers
9. casual shirt
10. PJs

It’s not been nearly as hard as Month 1 that’s for sure. There have definitely been many moments of being uncomfortable – especially in temperature. It’s freezing in my office and at home. I spend time at home wrapped in a blanket. I shiver at work. Now, the weather has turned against me – it’s 75 degrees in Chicago (in March)! But, no skirts for me. No open toed shoes. No fleece vest for the spring night walk. Cry me a river, right?

I was totally overwhelmed the first few days. I’m so fatalistic, and I get so bogged down worrying about the future. Month 1 taught me so much though, so God got me through those little bumps.

The biggest revelation is that I have SO MANY CLOTHES. Seriously, if I ever say that I have nothing to wear, you should punch me in the face or choke me with a t-shirt. It’s insane. Not only do I have so much, but I have so much of the same thing. Why do I need 5 pairs of khaki pants? Am I some sort of tour guide? Lord forgive me for hoarding. I CANNOT wait for next month when we purge, purge, purge!


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