Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.


I’ve been reading a lot lately about this “War on Women” that someone has declared.  I think it started with Fluke-gate, but it has now branched into a lot more than just whether a random activist can testify in front of Congress on a legal issue or whether name-calling is ok.

This morning I read an article written about how fathers need to stand up for their daughters and another about how church leaders (aka men) need to preach more on biblical submission.  The tone of these articles certainly suggest a war on women, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s not really a war a women that is going on, but just a plain old war.  Men and women just seem to be fighting with each other. Each more convinced than the other that they are on the “right” side.  It’s the age-old battle – men are demanding that their women “submit” to their leadership, while women fight back and declare their independence.  The root of the problem isn’t misogyny or feminism.  The root is sin.  Specifically, the sin of self-obsession. Paul David Tripp states it best – We want to be the rulers of our own kingdom.  If you just do what I want, in the way that I want and when I want, we can be at peace.  Problem is, you want me to obey the laws of your kingdom.

Why do I care so much about myself?  Why do I keep building my kingdom? I’m constantly warring with other kingdoms about the silliest things.  I desire relationship, and yet I’m sitting in my throne room alone.

I need to see my sin every day – how else can I be humbled into submission?  If I keep telling myself how perfect I am, I will continue building my kingdom.  The only hope is the great Hope.  I need to submit to my King, the one, true King.  The one who tells me to love others as I love myself, to serve the least of these and to die daily to myself.   The funny thing is that I will still end up on the throne, but I won’t be alone.


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  1. joann


    March 20, 2012 at 8:50 pm

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