Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.


Not just because my neighbor’s dog has literally been barking non-stop for four days, although that’s not helping.

I’m starting to believe everyone else that we have "so much to do," and "need so much stuff" before these kids come. But how do you prepare for this? There’s no book. No group at church. No class. No blog. How do you prepare to fly across the world sometime in the next 6 months to bring 3 Africans home to Chicago? I feel like someone just told me to prepare for my trip to Mars. (What do you wear to Mars? How long will we be there? What’s an acceptable gift to bring to the Martians? Can I plug in my Kindle on Mars?) I know we need beds, and clothes, and toys, and art supplies, and books…and then my head explodes. Because we also need a college fund, parenting skills, rules, Congolese recipes, Lingala lessons…cue exploding head again.

So, I am overwhelmed. Tonight, I need to finish our taxes (we will need those for the next set of forms) and to finish the next set of forms. All I can do is watch Glee and eat ice cream.

In one sense I want to just break out the white board and start making lists. But then I think, we still have time. This isn’t really happening soon, right? But then I think, August is SOON. Oh, my brain hurts.

I need an intervention.

In other news, I can wear whatever I want again. Hooray! Month 2 was a success. God revealed my vanity and excess and gave me so much grace to see how little clothes mean to life. We started month 3 yesterday – giving away 7 items a day. I am excited about this, but it’s actually contributing to my overwhelmed feeling since it means I need to clean out closets and drawers and shelves. Thus, more Glee and more ice cream. Maybe tomorrow….


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