Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

Possessions, Work and Passing Time

As you know, we are knee-deep in purging/donating/simplifying for Month 3 of 7. The goal was 7 items a day. We are on day 16, and we are up to 298 items. The new goal is 500, and this doesn’t count the items that get thrown away. These are items that we are donating to others. So far, we’ve brought a bunch of stuff to Salvation Army, but the bigger joys have come through one on one donations. We know a man from DRC who, after three years of trying, got a job! Praise God! So, we had a lot of fun setting him up with a new work wardrobe. He was so happy, and he wants us to bring some of the clothes that we gave him to his brother in DRC when we go get the kids. Isn’t that amazing? Now HE feels like he has too much and wants to bless someone else. Amazing how God works. We also know a man who sleeps under the bridge down the street from us, and we were able to give him some clothes and shoes. So far, I have pulled out 88 books from the shelves, and we gave the paperbacks to an organization that gives books to women in prison. I absolutely LOVE the thought of women in prison reading my books. So much better than leaving them on the shelves. And those books are my babies. It was not easy to part with them! So much joy over the years. I saw my tattered copy of Anna Karenina. Took me six long months to read that book. I went through the many books on the Supreme Court that I read while writing my senior research paper in law school. In the purging/cleaning category, I got rid of all my law school study aids and flashcards from the Bar Exam. Man, that was a lot of working studying! It was fun to be reminded of that time (and know that it’s over).

Regarding the kiddos, we installed the bunk beds on Saturday. Three kids in one room is going to be a tight fit, but it will work out. It will be cozy. We had a lot of fun walking through our apartment deciding how to make it more family friendly. We have the space; we just need to make it kid-friendly. Not much else going on there for now except anticipation.

I’ve started telling people at work about the adoption, which has skyrocketed my reputation from "Amanda Who?" to total weirdo who everyone knows. I jest, sort of. Everyone’s been very excited and supportive, but it has definitely ruined my anonymity. I’m sure when people announce pregnancies, it catches people’s attention, but I don’t think it has quite the same effect as announcing the adoption of three kids from the Congo. Questions abound. I better get used to it. Anonymity is going away in all areas of life as soon as these brown kiddos move in. I can’t quite bring myself to put up their pictures because I still need to bill hours. If I have to have a 20 minute conversation with every person who walks by my office, I am going to get fired.

The coming months are packed with activity so that should distract me from the endless waiting and anxiety. I have a lot of travel coming up – couples retreat to WI, trip to Cali for the Orphan Summit (so excited!), work retreat to MI and a girls weekend in Lake Geneva between now and Memorial Day. By the time we finish all that, we may be in the home stretch!!


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