Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

What I’ve Been Doing without TV

We officially received Katie’s court documents this week, and they’ve been translated. Hopefully, our agency will send off the I600 form to USCIS by the end of the week. Things are moving. Sometimes it feels like a snail’s pace, but they are moving. The fantastic news is that it is very unlikely we would be in a situation where we’d have to make two trips to get the kids. This is a huge blessing, and I’m so glad that God kept me from worrying about that possibility. Let this be a lesson about worrying.

We had a nice visit with the in-laws over the weekend and are heading to Cincinnati on Saturday to spend time with my brother-in-law’s family. I am very excited to see my nephews and to collect some clothes for Freddy (nephews are 7 and 4). The highlight of the weekend was a luncheon that our church put on for mothers of students who attend an after school program in some low income neighborhoods. It was such a blessing to serve and fellowship with those mothers. My in-laws were good sports helping to serve as kitchen staff and waiters.

I’ve been reading some pretty heavy books lately, but I really recommend them. The first was Passport Through Darkness by Kimberly Smith. Let’s just say this is one heck of a woman. The stuff she’s gone through to bring hope and healing to orphans in Sudan is unsurpassed by anyone else I’ve ever read. It’s a great book on marriage because her marriage suffered tremendously while she and her husband struggled through the emotionally and physically exhausting work. It’s also a great book about God’s provision. I hate the saying that “God never gives more than you can handle” since it’s not at all biblical nor is it true, and this book proves it! God gave her WAY more than she could ever handle, and yet, he provided her with the courage, strength and healing. If you want to be convicted and have your heart absolutely torn up for the world, I highly recommend this book.

The second book that I just finished today is called Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick. It’s a book about North Korea told through stories about 6 North Korean defectors. It follows their lives through North Korea in the 1960s through their defection in the early 2000s. Wow! What an eye-opener. I had no idea what life really looks like, and my heart was broken over and over for the people of North Korea. I learned so much about the repression, brainwashing and absolute torture these people suffer every day. It definitely convicted me to pray for them. I think we often think of the repressive regimes of Iran or Saudi Arabia, but I don’t think those countries hold a candle to what happens in North Korea. People there have been literally starved to death by their government for the last 20 years. Another book I would recommend.

I may need to turn to some lighter reading for a few weeks. This media fast has got me reading a lot of books this month.


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