Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

Month 5

We are on the fifth month of the 7 fast – fasting from excessive waste (but my husband wants you to know that we are still going to the bathroom, in case you were worried).  The goal for the month is to adopt 7 green habits.  Ours are:

1.  Limit city driving

2. Farmer’s market for produce

3. No paper towels, paper napkins and ziploc bags

4. Recycling

5. Composting

6. Bring grocery bags

7. Unplug, lights off, turn stuff off

My first thought: I don’t get composting.  So, we just leave a jar of old food to rot on the counter.  And then what do you do with it? Why is this better than the garbage disposal? I think I need to do some googling.

Second thought: holy cow do we use a lot of stuff that gets thrown away.  I am liking the idea of recycling, but I’m still not entirely convinced that stuff is actually being recycled.  I am also loving the lack of paper products.  I often use a paper towel to clean up the tiniest little mess and then throw it away.  So much easier and less wasteful to use a rag.

It is confusing though because you still use a lot of water for everything.  Fewer paper products means more washing dishes, more laundry.  Not sure how that all adds up in the end as far as the environment.  Again, I should read a book or google something.  I am totally “green” on this green thing (I couldn’t resist!).

Bottom line is that it’s good to think about my stewardship of the earth.  More to come…


One response

  1. joann

    You’ve got to stop changing my life…I can’t take it anymore. (Love ya.)

    June 5, 2012 at 6:30 pm

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