Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Yesterday I rode three trains and five buses.  This no car in the city thing is not easy, but at the same time, it is.  I don’t miss parking or figuring out how to get places.  I don’t miss fighting about directions or paying for gas.  I’m hoping this habit sticks.  It’s quite pleasant to ride public transportation.

Composting is gross.  I’m not going to lie to you.  We don’t have  a good system for it, so it’s pretty much a jar of rotting food on the counter.  I have a feeling this habit won’t last unless we come up with a better plan.

I have loved learning about consumption.  It started with the possessions month, but this month has really brought it home.

I think I am going to have to stick with purchasing used clothing for a while after reading this article.

The key lesson for me is that I need to redefine how I use the word “need.”  Do I really need a new pair of shoes or do I just want a new pair of shoes? I also need to combat my own laziness.  Yes, it’s quicker and easier to use a paper towel (in some ways), but if I really care about God’s creation and being a good steward of what he’s given me, using a cloth towel may be a better choice.

It is hard because there’s no way to not consume at all.  Even using a cloth towel results in using water for washing.  I don’t think it’s that easy to quantify.  But, I think being aware and trying to make good choices go a long way.  I am setting an example for the next generation, and I want my children to know about how to care for their environment.  I want them to know the difference between a want and a need.  I want to take seriously God’s command that we steward the earth, and I want to know how my choices affect other people.  I can generate all the waste in the world and not be affected because I am white and rich.  I never have to see it.  I certainly don’t have to live next to it.  But someone else does.

I want to follow Jesus’ command to love others as I love myself.  I don’t want to live next to a landfill, so why should I let someone else?


One response

  1. joann

    Holy Cow! I need to find every resale shop in my area…and myself their new customer!

    June 29, 2012 at 11:01 am

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