Finding my delight in the journey of adoption.

Happy 4th!

Our as Chris Rock says, Happy White People’s Independence Day.  It’s crass, but I like it.  I’ll save my ramblings about patriotism for another day.

Instead, I will tell  you about how we spent our day yesterday.  After blueberry pancakes, smoothies and The Iron Lady (great movie!), we took to reading aloud from Jen Hatmaker’s books, Seven and Interrupted (because that’s how I roll).  We are in month 6 of the fast, and this month, we are limited our spending to seven places.  Thus far we have only chosen three – gas, online bills and a specific grocery store.  We’ve been reading all these books about how to actually live out this gospel we supposedly believe, how to be counter-cultural and really be salt and light.

So, instead of watching another movie and eating a whole pan of brownies, we decided to actually leave our apartment and engage with our neighborhood.  First stop, the local rehabilitation facility for patients with physical limitations.  We had been there once before and really enjoyed our visit.  Yesterday, a group of people were out on the patio having a BBQ and playing Dominos.  We pulled up some chairs and not long afterwards, a staff member rolled out a cooler filled with water balloons for a water balloon toss.

It didn’t take long for an all-out war to begin.  We sat back and enjoyed watching for a little bit until one young woman, who happens to be blind, started chucking water balloons in our direction (with surprisingly good results).  Immediately the moral dilemma begins – is it ever appropriate to throw a water balloon back at a blind woman?  Luckily, we didn’t have to make that choice because her compatriot “Major” (not blind) proceeded to hit me in the stomach and the leg, so all bets were off.  We ended up drenched and laughing hysterically.

It’s not every day you get to have a water balloon fight with people in wheelchairs.

We ended the day with apple pie and neighborhood fireworks with our friends.  It’s hard for me to believe there’s an economic crisis going on when every average Joe seems to have at least a hundred dollars to blow on fireworks, but I guess that’s what Independence Day is all about.



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  1. Love that you are engaging with your neighborhood. Water balloon fights at that. Entering my month 5 challenge– Being Earthy Crunchy. LOL

    July 5, 2012 at 9:35 pm

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