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Free Time

Sorry I have been MIA for a few weeks! That’s the little known secret to keeping your blog interesting. Disappear without warning. Gets them every time.

I have so much to share, but I can’t yet. Ugh. Sometimes it’s hard to live your life out-loud on the internet. I so want to tell you all what’s been going on, but alas, then it would be public.

I can tell you one thing that’s big news – tomorrow is my last day at the BigLaw Law Firm. This happened somewhat suddenly. An opportunity has arisen for me to take a much-needed break, so I jumped was slowly dragged on it. Not exactly sure what’s next career-wise. I’ve learned long ago not to plan too far ahead. For now, I will take a few weeks to chill and research my options. I have been wanting to get into public interest law for a while, so I will likely start there.

I will miss my colleagues. This firm has been the perfect place for me for the last 4 years. I have gotten a ton of experience while still maintaining a very reasonable work-life balance. But, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

The good news for you all is that with this new found free time, I hope to blog more and maybe even on some new topics! I have high hopes of cooking up a storm starting on Monday.

What else can I tell you that’s happened this month?

We went on an impromptu vacation to Paris. It’s by-far my favorite place on earth. I celebrate a culture that encourages eating pastries soaked in butter for breakfast. And who can argue with crepes? Those things are delicious. The cheese! Don’t even get me started on the cheese. (You can see why a diet is in my future.) Almost more than the food, I love the art, the history, the architecture. Both DH and I have been to Paris before, so we didn’t actually wait in line and go into any of the sites on this quick trip, but we pretty much walked the entire city to take it all in. I’ll have to load up some pics when I get home.

Month 7 of the fast has slowly deteriorated. We started strong in the first couple of weeks with lots of intense, regular praying. Then we started falling off. I would say that we are probably still praying more than normal, but it’s not as life-changing as I had hoped. Practice makes perfect, so maybe we will try a re-do in September. Maybe once I transition out of work I can get into a better routine.

It’s hard to believe that after all these months, we are almost through with the fast. It’s been such an amazing journey, and I don’t really want it to end. I feel like in so many ways, my life and priorities have been re-set. I hope to take some time when it’s officially over to process all the things I’ve learned.

More soon….



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